Capital Improvement Program

Every year the Town adopts a five year Capital Improvement Program budget (CIP). The CIP budget is separate from the city operating budget and funds public infrastructure projects to enhance the quality of life for Danville residents and visitors. The CIP identifies public facilities improvements that are needed, provides a design and construction schedule and identifies funding for these projects.

View the 2022-2023 CIP Budget (PDF)

Capital Improvement Program Project Map

The Town of Danville's Engineering Division has launched a new interactive map to keep residents informed about approved Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects throughout the Town. The map includes several projects in the Town's current CIP such as upcoming construction and ongoing maintenance projects. Viewers can select projects by zooming into the map and clicking on location icons or lines, filter projects by type, and click on a project thumbnail. Information regarding the project description, contact information, as well as schedule information for each project is provided.