Permit Center

The Permit Center provides information and assistance to process permits and review building plans and development projects located within the Town. We are currently accepting permit applications by-appointment only and through the Town's online portal (only residential projects and encroachment permits are currently accepted through the online portal).


All construction projects – residential or commercial – in Contra Costa County may now resume, provided that they comply with the Construction Project Safety Protocols:

The Permit Center is currently open by-appointment only: 
To make an appointment, call (925) 314 3330 or email with the subject line "Requesting Appointment".

Monday - Thursday 
8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
8:30 AM – Noon

Permit Center Holiday Schedule (PDF) for November and December 2020.

Please wear a face mask and call (925) 314 3330 when you arrive.

Quick Reference Documents

  1. Application & Other Forms
  2. Ordinances, Codes, & Policies
Apply for a Permit Online


  1. Review your zoning and find your setback requirements to understand where you can build. Contact the Planning Division 925-314-3310  if you have questions.
  2. Review the Permit Directory (below) for Submittal Requirements and project information.
    Contact the Permit Center 925-314-3330 if you have questions. Commercial projects can schedule a Business Concierge meeting to receive a specific checklist of submittal requirements for your commercial project.
  3. Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) approval is required for some projects. Be sure to have CCCSD review/stamp your plans prior to submitting an application with the Town. CCCSD approval is required for the projects including the scope listed below but is not limited to:
    • Adding, relocating, or removing fixtures to public sanitary sewer system
    • Expanding the structure beyond the existing building footprint (e.g. an addition, covered patio, etc.) 
    • Adding a generator or ground mounted solar/PV array
    • Adding an attached or detached structure to the property (e.g. deck, gazebo, ADU, carport)
  4. Complete a Building Application Permit (PDF). For Other Permit types, please see application forms listed under the Permit Directory.
  5. Review the Outside Agency Checklist (PDF) for other agencies that may apply to your project.
  6. Submit Application and/or Plans to Permit Center. This can be done through an appointment at the Permit Center or Online Permit Portal (only residential projects and encroachment permits are accepted online currently)Instructions for submitting an application online can be found on our Online Permit Instructions page.
Online Permit Help

Permit Directory

Only residential projects and encroachment permits are currently accepted through our online portal. In order to submit a permit online you will have to Register an account with the Online Permit Center Portal.

RESIDENTIAL Building Permits

Project Type
Submittal Requirements and Project Information
New Single Family Dwelling, NSFD
Accessory Dwelling Units, ADU 
(A self-contained living unit on the same property as the main home. Sometimes referred to as an in-law unit or granny unit.)

Accessory Structure
(e.g. sheds, garages, gazebos, cabanas, and other structures that are detached from the main residence) 
Residential Additions
(e.g. adding room(s) to the main residence that increases the existing square footage of the home)
Residential Interior Alterations/Remodels
If remodel is a like-for-like see below:
Residential Retaining Wall
Window/Door/Skylight Replacement Apply
Residential Electrical Projects
Residential Plumbing Projects
Residential New Pool / SPA, 
Remodel Pool / SPA, & 
Demolition of Pool
Residential Roof Replacement
Residential Solar/PV System
Residential HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning

Multiple Family UnitsDevelopment Plan Requirements (PDF)
Major Subdivision Requirements (PDF)
Minor Subdivision Requirements (PDF)
Planning Application Form (PDF)


New Commercial Building or Addition to an Existing Commercial BuildingCommercial Building Submittal Requirements (PDF) 
Tenant ImprovementTenant Improvement Submittal Requirements (PDF) 
DemolitionBuilding Demolition Guidelines (PDF)

Other Permits

Alarm PermitRequired by residences and commercial businesses with alarm systems
Business License
Encroachment Permit
Required for any work to be performed in the public right of way
Encroachment Permit Application Form (PDF)
Grading PermitGrading Permit Application (PDF)
Parking Permit
Sign PermitSign Permit Application (PDF)
Tree Removal PermitTree Removal Permit (PDF)
VarianceVariance Application Requirements (PDF)
Land Use PermitApplication Requirements for Land Use Permit (PDF)