Heritage Resources

Danville has a rich heritage that reflects the Town’s role in the development of the San Ramon Valley. This heritage is reflected in individual structures and sites as well as historic development patterns, particularly in the downtown area.

Survey of Historic Sites

The Town’s Survey of Historic Sites includes 21 Town-Designated Heritage Resources, including 20 structures and one tree. There are an additional seven properties on the Survey list, but not yet designated. Another 21 properties have been identified as Potential Heritage Resources pending additional study. The 21 Designated Heritage Resources can be identified by the oval brass plaque mounted at each site.

Historic Walking Tour

Interested in discovering these sights, take the Downtown Historic Walking Tour today.

Voluntary Program

While the Town’s Heritage Resource program is voluntary, the Town Council may offer incentives to the owner of a heritage resource in order to support the preservation, maintenance, and appropriate rehabilitation of the resource. Preservation incentives are considered on a case-by-case basis, and may include economic assistance, such as:

  • Mills Act contract for the reduction of property taxes
  • Relaxation of otherwise applicable development standards and use restriction
  • Waiver of Town-controlled fees that the property may be subject to

Heritage Resource Commission

The Heritage Resource Commission is a seven member commission appointed by the Town Council. The purpose of the Commission is to recognize, protect, and promote the retention and use of Town Heritage Resources. They are responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating the Town’s Survey of Historic Sites
  • Providing public outreach and education on heritage resources
  • Reviewing development proposals to ensure compliance with the Town’s Historic Preservation Ordinance and Design Guidelines for Heritage Resources