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Youtube video of introduction and technical demonstration of the SolarApp+:

SolarAPP+ Automated Solar Plan Reviews

Before applying for an automated solar plan review and solar permit, projects must follow certain requirements. At this time, SolarAPP+ is designed to provide a code-compliance check for the majority of residential, roof-mounted, retrofit photovoltaic systems. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Eligibility Checklists. Only projects that conform to this list are eligible to use the automated SolarAPP+ portal for instant permitting.

  1. How to Start using SolarApp+
  2. Submit for automated review through SolarAPP+
    • To start using SolarAPP+, log in and submit your design through the SolarAPP+ Webpage.
    • A processing fee from SolarAPP+ and Town of Danville permit fees will be charged.
    • Download the approved plans. 
    • Receive an email within 24 business hours containing the Town of Danville permit number (for example M24-XXXXXX) needed for scheduling inspections.    
  3. Schedule an Inspection
    • Be sure to sign the Building Permit available in your attachments folder prior to scheduling your inspection.

Solar App+ Tutorials