Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling

Construction & Demolition Recycling Ordinance

To encourage construction and demolition recycling, the Town of Danville has adopted a construction and demolition recycling ordinance. The ordinance requires certain projects within the Town to divert 65% of their job debris from the landfill. The ordinance requires applicants to visit and submit:

  1. A Waste Management Plan (WMP) as part of the application submittal requirements for a building, grading, demolition or similar permit
  2. Weighmaster certificates for all debris recycling must be submitted to verify plan compliance prior to permit finalization.

Applicable Projects

Waste tracking per the town's Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance is required for the following types of construction projects:

  • Commercial Additions, Demolitions, and New Construction
  • Tenant Improvements exceeding $200,000 in valuation
  • Residential Additions, Demolitions, and New Construction
  • Residential Alterations that increase the volume of living space

The following types of projects are exempt from the Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance:

  • Cell Sites
  • Residential Re-Roofs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Detached Accessory Structures
  • Residential Remodels and Alterations within the existing footprint where no additional square footage or volume of living area are created.

Mandatory Use of Certified Facilities 

In order to be counted toward the project’s 65% diversion requirement, all construction and demolition waste must be taken to a Certified Construction and Demolition Recovery Facility. These Certified Facilities will provide weighmaster certificates that must be uploaded to  to verify compliance with the C&D Ordinance. The Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) maintains the list of certified facilities. View the Certified Facilities List for Construction and Demolition Waste and Recovery and Permitted Recyclers.