Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement helps maintain community preservation by working closely with residents, business owners, outside agencies, and other Town Departments and Divisions to eliminate health, safety, and public nuisance violations that adversely affect the quality of life in Danville. This is accomplished through public education and enforcement of the Town’s Municipal Code and California Building Codes.

To report water leaks or sprinkler concerns, please contact East Bay Municipal Utility District (East Bay MUD) at (866) 403-2683.

Report a Concern

To file a complaint or to discuss a possible code violation, please choose one of the following:

  1. Submit a complaint form through the Town’s website.
  2. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer by entering a CRM.
  3. Visit the Code Enforcement Officer at the Town Offices.
  4. Mail a letter to the Code Enforcement Officer at the:
    Town Offices
    Attn: Code Enforcement
    500 La Gonda Way
    Danville, CA 94526

The Code Enforcement Officer will perform a site visit to verify the submitted concerns/complaint. Once verified, a Notice of Violation letter will be mailed to the responsible party. The responsible party will be given a reasonable amount of time to voluntarily correct the violation and comply with the provisions of the Town’s Municipal Code and California Building Codes. Violations constituting a life safety concern are required to be addressed as soon as feasibly possible.  Follow-up site visits are routinely conducted to ensure that progress towards full compliance is being achieved. Most individuals correct violations after receiving verbal or written notification, however, difficult violations may require several phone calls, site visits, and / or letters before violations are corrected. If voluntary compliance is not achieved within a reasonable amount of time, citations will be issued.