Temporary Outdoor Permits

Outdoor Seating Program

Design Guidelines and Development Standards

In October 2022, the Danville Town Council extended the temporary operation of expanded outdoor restaurant dining on public and private property, including “Parklets” until January 2, 2025, subject to the Outdoor Seating Program.

The Outdoor Seating Program includes standards for the overall design of outdoor dining areas, options for modular prefabricated designs or custom design build options, as well as guidelines for safety, maintenance, and operation. 

Previously issued Temporary Land Use Permits (TLUPs)  allowing expanded outdoor dining are set to expire on January 3, 2023. Should a restaurant operator wish to continue to utilize expanded outdoor seating areas, it would be necessary to apply for permits.  

All temporary tents, canopies, signs, electrical hookups, metal barricades, etc., are required to be removed from both public and private property by January 3, 2023. 

To avoid a delay in securing a new TLUP and continuing the operation of expanded outdoor dining, restaurant/property owners are encouraged to review the recently adopted design guidelines and development standards and contact the Planning Division at 925-314-3349 to learn about the review process that would apply to your business.