Town-Wide Bicycle Improvements

Upgraded Bike Facilities along Diablo Road

The Diablo Road (west) Bicycle Improvements Project is one of several phases of completed and/or planned bicycle improvements focused on enhancing safety and improving the riding experience for cyclists.  This project phase consists of bicycle lane improvements along Diablo Road between the intersections of Hartz Avenue (in the Downtown area) to the Green Valley Road intersection and western trailhead of the Diablo Road Trail.

Notable Project Features 

  • Widening of existing bike lanes
  • Additional bike lanes
  • Fresh roadway striping
  • Bicycle signage
  • Traffic Signal Bicycle Detection Cameras
  • Green ("high-visibility") pavement markings
  • Bike Boxes at key intersections

what is a bike box?

Infographic of a Bike Box at a signalized intersection with a bike lane approach

A bike box is a designated area marked at the head of a traffic lane that provides cyclists with a safe and visible way to get a head of queuing vehicles at signalized intersections while waiting on a red light.

Bike boxes assist cyclists through intersections, particularly when needing to make left-turns. Bike boxes can be found at these three intersections:

  • Diablo Rd / Camino Tassajara
  • Diablo Rd / El Cerro Blvd
  • Diablo Rd / Green Valley Rd

Project Funding and Schedule

This project was funded in part by the Contra Costa Measure J 1/2-cent transportation sales tax and a Transportation Development Act grant.  The project was completed in October 2020.