Osborn Home - 15 Serena Lane

In approximately 1870, the Osborn Home was designed and built by Charles Howard. Leonidas L. Boone, the great-great-grandson of Daniel Boone, owned the house and land beginning in 1871 and resided there for 11 years. The property was part of the Henry Ranch from 1880 to 1911 and was owned by the Strahlendorf family from 1911 to 1926. In 1926 I. Melvin and Myrtle Osborn purchased the property, which remained in the Osborn family for 62 years.

Andrew & Daniel Inman

It is believed the brothers Andrew and Daniel Inman lived on the site of the Osborn Home during the 1850s. The town was named for Dan (and for Danville, Kentucky) in 1858 when the first post office was established. At the time, Dan owned all of downtown Danville. Andrew was also prominent and served as State Assemblyman from 1856 to 1857.


The house is built in the Greek Revival Style, which is attributed to the period 1820 to 1860. Although the front door and kitchen roof have been replaced, the house still contains several signature Greek Revival characteristics, including the style of the window, the pediment roof, the mantel piece and details inside the door frame. The building was moved, turned to face Diablo Road, and completely restored and remodeled in the early 1990's and is currently a private residence.