Danville Oak Tree - Diablo Road

No others structure or landmark represents the quaint, neighborhood community of Danville better than the Oak Tree. The Danville Oak Tree has become a symbol of the community and, in many cases, a central point of meeting and communication in the Town.


Each year in November, the Town gathers on Diablo Road at the base of the tree to celebrate the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Adults and children of all ages come together is a festive evening that includes a visit from Father Christmas escorted by the local high school bands. Through the years, the Tree has provided support for signs announcing a special birthday or anniversary for a Danville citizen.

Support Structure

Estimated to be 350 years old, the Oak Tree has recently started to show its age. The tree was discovered to be in jeopardy of weakening and possibly falling down. With the support of the community, a special metal support structure was installed to prevent the tree from falling. The Tree remains the most notable landmark in town and is the symbol for the Town of Danville.