Grange Hall - 233 Front Street

The Grange hall was built in 1873 by Nathaniel Howard, who also built several other historic homes still standing in Danville. The hall, or the Grange, as it was commonly referred to, was the first and only meeting place for local events and was a cornerstone of Danville social life for fifty years.


The building, which is in the National Fold Style, was enlarged in 1913. That work entailed lifting the original structure, constructing another story under it, and rotating it 90 degrees. Soon thereafter an auditorium was added. The Grange is wood with a side gabled roof, with two stories in front and one and a half stories in the rear. The plywood siding with applied batts achieve the effect of a barn or pioneer meeting hall.

New Location

In 1952 the Grange moved to its new location on Diablo Road. The original hall served as the Village Theater for a period of time and was purchased by the Town in 1987.