General Government

Appointed Positions

To carry out its policies, the Town Council appoints the following:

The Town Manager is the chief advisor to the Town Council and the community's professional administrator, responsible for all day-to-day operations and service delivery. To help manage the organization, the Town Manager appoints a team of department heads who are responsible for the management of the Town's departments such as:

  • Community Development
  • Development Services
  • Finance
  • Maintenance
  • Police
  • Recreation

Mission & Vision

The Town of Danville's mission statement is to deliver superior municipal services that make people's lives better.

Our Goals

  • Celebrate community through family oriented special events
  • Engage and communicate with residents and businesses effectively
  • Keep residents, businesses and property safe
  • Promote and support economic vitality and growth
  • Protect our environment, preserve our history and retain the Town's special character
  • Provide opportunities that support residents' growth and enrichment
  • Provide well‐maintained public facilities
  • Represent and promote Danville's best interests

General Government Service Areas

General Government consists of the following program areas, which are responsible for administering the overall direction of Town government and providing internal support services. View our Town organizational chart (PDF).