Business License

Who needs a Business License? Any business generating revenue within the Town of Danville limits is required to obtain a Danville business license. This includes home-based businesses. Any business that does not have a commercial storefront, office, commercial or industrial location is considered a home-based business even if sales or services are performed outside the residence.  Please review Disability Access Requirements and Resources (PDF).

Did you know that some areas of Danville are actually unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County?  Find out if your Danville address is inside the Town of Danville through our Danville Pioneer website.  If you are located outside the Town of Danville, in unincorporated Contra Costa County, you will need to obtain a license through the county office in Martinez. Please check their website at Contra Costa County Business License Website.

Online Business License Portal

Our new portal is a one-stop-shop for business owners and is the FASTEST way to Apply for, Renew, Update, or Close a business license.  

Business License Portal, Apply, Renew, Update, Close

A Business License term runs from July 1 - June 30 annually. Please be advised that all credit card transactions will be subject to a convenience fee of 2.9% with a minimum of $2.00. Select this link to access our online portal:

Required when conducting business from home. This allows the Town’s zoning department to ensure commercial activities do not impact neighborhoods. Home Occupation Permit Application (PDF) or for faster service, apply online in our Business License Portal

Sidewalk Vending Permits

Please be advised: The State has mandated certain notices that may affect your business. You may review the notices at

Sidewalk Vending Permit Application (PDF) or apply online in our Business License Portal.

Disability Access Requirements and Resources

Disability Access Requirements and Resources (PDF).

Business License Exemption and Fees

A business license is still required if your business is exempt from license fees. Refer to our License Fee Schedule (PDF) schedule to see what requirements are needed to be considered exempt.  Fill out the Business License Exemption Form (PDF). Fees vary depending on your business location inside or outside of the Town boundaries. Exemption status is re-evaluated each renewal term.

Closing a Business

Notify us in writing, online - using our Business License Portal, or via email to close out your business license account in order to avoid an accumulation of fees.  Email us at