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Business Promotion Grant Program 

Are you planning any upcoming creative and collaborative events that support local businesses? Think Sidewalk Sale, Ladies Night, Restaurant Hop, Wine Stroll, Wellness, etc. The Town is currently accepting applications for events and activities that meet the Business Promotion Grant Program criteria. As part of the FY 2023-2024 Operating Budget, the Town Council appropriated $25,000 for this program

The goal of this Program continues to be to develop programs and events that: 

  1. Are deemed advantageous to a broad range of the Danville business community; 
  2. Are anticipated to yield the greatest level of direct and immediate results; and 
  3. Build collaboration among Danville businesses.

From August 16, 2023 to June 30, 2024, or until grant funds are depleted, the Town will be accepting Business Promotion Fund Grant applications from eligible businesses/organizations for events and programs that are open to the public to attend and meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide opportunity for collaboration among multiple businesses. 
  2. Engage consumers with experiential events and widespread promotion opportunities.
  3. Promoting events directly driving business or cooperative marketing programs through print and/or digital mediums. 
  4. Incorporate "Live Locally" branding into all marketing efforts.

Grant requests are awarded administratively on a first-come, first-served basis and paid through reimbursement. All participating businesses must have a current Danville business license. Review the Business Grant Eligibility List to determine if your business/organization should apply. After an application is approved and the event occurs, businesses must submit proof of eligible expenditures for reimbursement. A maximum of $5,000 may be requested per event. 

Available Grant Categories and Options


Includes print, digital, multi-media, signs, etc.

CategoryMax. FundingPurpose
Events with 2-5 Participating Businesses $1,500Funds in these categories will be awarded based on the criteria above, with the purpose of 2 or more Danville-based businesses promoting a single event. Events must be open to the general public and promote patronage of local businesses.
Events with 6-10 Participating Businesses$2,500
Events with more than 10 Participating Businesses$3,500
Co-op Shopping Center Marketing $2,500Funds in this category will be awarded based on the criteria above, and are intended for promotion of events hosted by shopping centers in Danville (must support 2 or more businesses).  Events must be open to the general public and promote patronage of local businesses.
Technology (online or app-based co-op promotion)$2,500Funds in this category will be awarded based on the criteria above, and are intended for use of technology to promote patronage of local businesses (must support 2 or more businesses).

Other Options

These options are available for potential funding only as supplements to events funded through the categories above. 

OptionMax. Funding Purpose
Event Trolley$1,000Intended for events that occur in two or more shopping-focused locations, such as between a shopping center and Downtown Danville.
Town Facility Rental   $500Eligible events held at Town facilities through a Facility Use Permit qualify for the government rate, and can request reimbursement up to $500.
Event Catering$250Must be supplied by a restaurant with a Danville business license to be eligible for reimbursement. Catering is intended for food that must be given to event attendees and not for re-sale.

Grant requests have a maximum cap of $5,000 per event as determined by eligibility.

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