City Clerk

City Clerk's Mission Statement

The City Clerk is dedicated to serving the public with integrity and professionalism by promoting government transparency, inspiring community engagement, and ensuring regulatory compliance.


The City Clerk is an appointed officer of the Town and  serves as the Town's election official; prepares Town Council agendas and maintains all legislative history; coordinates the recruitment of all Town advisory body members; ensures that required legal notices are appropriately published; maintains the Municipal Code and performs other statutory duties as required.  The City Clerk's Office complies with all federal and state laws including the California Government Code, California Election Law, FPPC, Ralph M. Brown Act and Public Records Act.  The City Clerk's Office oversees maintenance of Town contracts and surety bonds and conducts the public bidding process.

Additional Information

The following information can be obtained through the Danville City Clerk's Office:

  1. Commission and Committee Information
  2. Government Code Section 87200 (PDF)
  3. Meeting Agendas, video recordings and Summary of Actions