City Clerk


The City Clerk is an appointed officer of the Town and promotes open government. The City Clerk coordinates the preparation and distribution of all Town Council agendas, ensures that all meetings are conducted in accordance with the Brown Act, and records all actions of the Town Council. The City Clerk maintains the official records of the Town and oversees the Town's Records Management Program. The City Clerk conducts the Town's municipal elections, coordinates all appointments by the Town Council to the Town's advisory bodies, and serves as the filing officer for campaign disclosure statements and Statements of Economic Interest for members of the Town Council, advisory body members, and designated Town employees. Requests for documents made under the California Public Records Act are processed by the City Clerk.

Additional Information

The following information can be obtained through the Danville City Clerk's Office:

  1. Commission and Committee Information
  2. Government Code Section 87200 (PDF)
  3. Meeting Agendas and Summary of Actions