Park Maintenance

Park Maintenance

The Town of Danville owns, operates and maintains over 167 acres of parkland. Park maintenance issues, such as playground repairs or broken water fountains, can be reported through Danville Connect. To find out the status of sports fields during or after inclement weather, call the Sports Field Hotline at 925-314-3484.

Osage Walking Trail

In today’s economic environment, seasoned park maintenance managers, supervisors and technicians are keenly aware of the need for a strong, proactive preventive maintenance (PM) program. PM programs are in place to ensure that our hard-fought-for park facilities, infrastructure and grounds are properly monitored, maintained and operational to support our mission of providing first-class recreational opportunities to the public.

The Town of Danville attempts to better manage your water consumption by ensuring the obvious steps are taken:

  • Monitor basic water use (review water bill)
  • Confirm irrigation controls are programmed properly and a rain sensor is utilized
  • Landscape with native plants that require less water
  • Install low-flow aerators in our park bathroom faucets and toilets
  • Implement green cleaning initiatives