Sandbags, Creeks & Flood Prevention


If you are concerned about flooding at your home or business when the rainy season hits, free sandbags are available to be filled at 1000 Sherburne Hills Road, off of Camino Tassajara next to the Town of Danville Post Office. Residents are asked to take a maximum of 20 bags. Sand bags and a shovel are available for use; simply take a bag from the container, fill it with sand and then tie it closed with the attached strings.

Creek Maintenance

The Town of Danville maintains approximately 4.6 miles of creeks and drainage channels, with others being maintained by the Contra Costa County Flood Control District and private property owners. Creek and drainage issues can be reported to the Town through Danville Connect. Residents that have drainage channels or ditches on their property are encouraged to inspect them regularly and remove any potential obstructions. 
Creek Maintenance Reference Map
Learn About Creek Maintenance

Help Your Community

Help your community prepare for rainstorms by keeping storm drains in your neighborhood and in front of your residence clear of debris. Things like ensuring green waste is properly disposed of in bins rather than left on the street or removing branches and other items from on top of drain inlets can prevent flooding, damage to properties and infrastructure, and increased costs to the Town. A little effort goes a long way in helping the Maintenance Department maintain over 4,700 storm drains to reduce flooding and pollution of our waterways.