Skate Park Feasibility Study


In September 2019, an on-line community survey was conducted to gauge the level of support for a multi-use skate park. Respondents were asked to identify a preferred park site and a preferred location within that park. A total of 1, 071 responses were received.

On October 15th, at the Town Council Regular Meeting, the Danville Town Council will resume discussions over a possible multi-use skate park facility with the town. 

The Town Council is being requested to review and consider the Updated Study and Analysis along with identifying a potential preferred location(s) for a potential multi-use skate park.

For more information, contact Recreation, Arts, & Community Services Director Henry Perezalonso at (925) 314-3454 or


The Skate Park project was identified by the Parks and Leisure Services Commission through the update of the Danville Parks and Recreation & Arts Strategic Plan, as an potential future outdoor recreation facility to augment and diversify the existing inventory for Danville’s park system. It was recommended to the Town Council for consideration for long-term consideration.

In June 2017, the Town Council appropriated $20,000 in the 2017/18 Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program for a Skate Park feasibility study.  No additional funds have been appropriated for this project. Consulting firm Spohn Ranch was selected to prepare a feasibility study incorporating community outreach, information about the evolution and benefits of skate parks, public input, site analysis, design and operation guidelines, preliminary schematic designs, and construction cost estimates.  The site analysis portion of the study was based on criteria including visibility, accessibility, design canvas, ease of development, amenities, infrastructure and impact on the surrounding environment. After review of the site analysis portion of the study and to allow the continuation of the feasibility study, the Parks and Leisure Commission selected Sycamore Valley Park as the preferred site, should a Skate Park be built in the future.

The Danville Town Council, at its September 18, 2018 Town Council Meeting, voted to accept the feasibility study report, but did not recommend a site for a future skate park location.  Consideration of a skate park would be brought back if and when other sites are identified, and should a funding source be made available. No project funding is currently included in the 2018/19 Capital Improvement Program.