Dog Park - Canine Corral

The 1.5 acre Canine Corral provides hours of leash-free fun for Danville dogs. The Corral is non-monitored, and relies on its users to maintain reasonable conditions and sanitation - in other words, everybody picks-up after their dogs!

The dog park has separate play areas for large and small dogs. The play surface is grass and includes benches, water features and minimal shade.

Rules & Regulations

Before embarking on a trip to the Canine Corral it is important that users understand the rules and regulations to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Etiquette Tips for our Canine Friends


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  1. Dog Park Conditions The Dog Park and Hap Magee Ranch Park is Open

    The Dog Park at Hap Magee Ranch Park is Open. (Closed every Tuesday until noon)

    The Dog Park at Hap Magee Ranch Park is Open. The Dog Park is closed for maintenance every Tuesday until noon.