Scarecrow Stroll

Residents were encouraged to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and take a leisurely stroll through Danville in search of festive scarecrows. The festive scarecrows were on display in front of participating businesses from October 19 to November 30.  

Scarecrows were entered into a competition for two different categories: “People’s Choice” and “Town Council” choice. Voting was concluded on November 28th. 

Thank you to all the businesses that participated and everyone who voted!

Scarecrow Stroll Winners!

People's Choice Winner - Quantum Escapes

Mayor Stepper's Top Pick - Pearson & Williams
Vice Mayor Blackwells' Top Pick - Danville Chocolates
Councilmember Arnerich's Top Pick - Danville Cigar, Fine Wine & Gifts
Councilmember Morgan's Top Pick - Pearson & Williams
Councilmember Storer's Top Pick - Danville Cigar, Fine Wine & Gifts

Scarecrow at Pearson & Williams

Scarecrow 1. Pearson & Williams
Location: 145 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 2. Whim House
Location: 485 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at Whim House
Scarecrow at Barre3 in Danville

Scarecrow 3. Barre3
Location:  Barre 3 Danville   406 Hartz Ave   Barre 3 Danville   406 Hartz Ave  406 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 4. Is no longer available to view.

Scarecrow at Beyond Active

Scarecrow 5. Beyond Active
Location: 166 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 6. Bromley Law Group
Location: 319 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow at Bromley Law Group
Scarecrow at The Peasant and The Pear

Scarecrow 7. The Peasant and The Pear
Location: 267 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 8. Danville Brewing Co.
Location: 200 Railroad Ave.

Scarecrow at Danville Brewing
Scarecrow at Spree Boutique

Scarecrow 9. SPREE Boutique
Location: 374Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 10. Old Towne Danville Bakery
Location: 105 Town & Country Dr.

Scarecrow at Old Towne Danville Bakery
Scarecrow at VIDA Wellness

Scarecrow 11. VIDA Wellness Boutique
Location: 122 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow 12. Quantum Escapes
Location: 391 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow at Quantum Escapes
State Farm Scarecrow

Scarecrow 13. State Farm
Location: 156 Diablo Rd.

Scarecrow 14. Cottage Jewel
Location: 391 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at Cottage Jewel
Scarecrow at Vitality Bowl

Scarecrow 15. Vitality Bowl
Location: 190 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 16. Danville Chocolates
Location: 175 East Prospect Ave.

Scarecrow at Danville Chocolates
Scarecrow at Bliss Danville

Scarecrow 17. Bliss Danville
Location: 408 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow 18. SPENGA
Location: 200 Hartz Ave.

Scarecrow at SPENGA
Scarecrow at Cigar, Fine Wine and Gifts

Scarecrow 19. Danville Cigar, Fine Wine & Gifts
Location: 445 Hartz Ave.