Find The Fun in Danville

The Town of Danville presents...

A fairy hunt

Fairies have been spotted all around Town and we need your help finding all the fairies! The fairies can be found on Railroad Avenue, Hartz Avenue, Prospect Avenue, and Front Street. Fairies will be on display in a mason jar with lights.

When you think you've found them all, print out the fairy hunt guess sheet and drop it in the fairy door hidden in a tree located on the Town Green at 420 Front Street in Danville.

Fairy Hunt

The Town of Danville presents...

Fairy Wishing oaks

Drop off your fairy hunt guess sheet and make a wish at the wishing tree located on the Town Green at 420 Front Street in Danville! Print out this magical fairy, decorate it, and pin it to the tree. 

FH-Web-Graphics-2The Fairy Wishing Oak Poem
By: The Town of Danville

There's Sycamore Oaks
Down by the green
Where one sees the glow
of wishing wings.

It's been known for centuries
To have great powers
And folk will go there
After rootless hours.

Adorned with pins
Placed there for hope
Write your message of wisdom
Upon the Fairy, you go.

Some have seen light
Around it by night
They say it is fairies
Taking glorious flight.

Its magical powers
give you a glimmer of insight
By wishing beneath it
your wish may be bright.

To harm it you won't...
No one will dare
'cause its bad luck you'll get
So always take care.

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