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Get ready for National Paper Airplane Day

  May 26!


  • BB-8 Reverse Scavenger Hunt
  • Queen Amidala Make-up Tutorial
  • Star Wars, Saved in the Edit - Did you know that the original Star Wars started on uncertain ground? Hear the story of how the team behind the scenes edited their way to success.  
  • The Super Cut -Star Wars Always - Don’t have the time to see all the movies today? Check out this Fan Made Super cut Guiding you through the Star Wars Saga.
  • Darth Vader - Creating an iconic villain.  Think you know everything about the Lord Vader?  Think again, check out this video on the development of the films favorite Dark Lord.
  • Are the planets of Star Wars possible?  Check out this video shedding light on your favorite topics from Star wars.
  • Millennium Falcon - Learn about the fascinating events that lead to the design of this iconic space ship. 
  • R2-D2 Paper Lanterns - Star Wars can always light up the room, but these will might provided a twist. Light up your room with the characters you miss!  
  • TP Roll Character Craft - Collecting a few extra toilet paper rolls these days?  Why not turn some of them into your favoirte Star Wars characters using construction paper, glue and markers.
  • R2-D2 Piggy Bank - It’s never to late to start saving, and there is no better way than with an R2-D2 Piggy Bank.  Any extra jar can be converted into our loyal droid companion with white paint and black & blue construction paper.
  • Baby Yoda Cube Craft and Friends - Running out of Star Wars Characters to play with?  Print out Baby Yoda, Darth Vader and C-3PO cubes.
  • Painted Porg Rocks - All it takes is a spark of creativity and a dash of paint to make Star Wars themed rocks designed after any creature you like.  Collect a few smooth rocks specimens on a walk or hike, paint them and as a family and hide each around your yard for a Star Wars Safari.
  • Wookie Cookie - Need a cookie?  Try out this Wookie as a part of our May the 4th Celebration.  This Wookie enjoys taking a dip in coffee!
  • Light Saber Fruit Kabob - Want to harness the power of a Jedi Knight? Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant kabob for a more civilized age.  All you need is a skewer and colorful fruit pieces to complete this powerful snack.
  • Edible Storm Troopers - Looking for a tasty Star Wars treat?  All you need is a large marshmallow, a pop stick and a black food marker!
  • Jedi Social Distancing 2 Light Sabers Away - If you are roaming the galaxy or walking like a Wookie, make sure to stay at least 6 feet apart on your daily adventures!

Art and Craft

  • Coloring page activity book from our friends at the Crayon Initiative!
  • Lanyards with Leah
  • Kids’ Night In  - Wreck-it-Ralph -  A guide to creating a movie night for the whole family with links, crafts, foods and more!
  • Colander Art
  • Moon Sand: 

  • Chalk your Walk Challenge: Use chalk to decorate your sidewalk with encouraging words and designs!    

  • One of our homegrown young adults, Nina Sandelin Umont, who grew up in Danville and went through Green Valley Elementary, Los Cerros Middle School, and Monte Vista High School, and is now living in Alamo wants to share her passion for calligraphy and give everyone a free copy of her self-help book ’Modern Calligraphy - everything you need to know’. While we have time at home and are looking for new things to do, go to The Sandelin Designs Guide to Modern Calligraphy digital book download She is making her calligraphy workbook available for free online, in an effort to help people have a creative outlet and an activity to do with their families. Please enjoy and thank you Nina!

Health and Wellness

Performing Arts and Dance

music vocal and instrumental

Sports and Fitness

Hobbies and Interests

Yvonne's List - Biweekly book and movie recommendations

Yvonne is the Administrative Assistant at the Danville Senior Center and lucky for us, also a book and movie enthusiast! She will put together biweekly reading and viewing recommendations to help bring everyone together while we social distance. Check back for updates every other week.

Movie Selection for the Week:

Away We Go (2009) (Comedy/Drama) Rated: (PG )  1.38 hrs.  

As they await the birth of their baby, a couple (John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph) travel across America in search of the perfect place to raise their family. During their journey, they share assorted misadventures and reconnect with old friends and relatives. The experiences and people they encounter help them define the word home on their own terms, possibly for the first time in their lives.

Starring: John Krazinski, Maya Rudolph 

Director: Sam Mendez 

Critic’s Choice: 7/10

Book Selection for the Week:

I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron 

Nora Ephron’s senior moment. She may not have reached what she calls "the nadir of old age, the Land of Anecdote," but the Oscar-nominated screenwriter still knows how to tell a story. Sassy and wise, her memoir takes a self-deprecating look at aging in the modern world.  Ephron gives a candid, edgy voice to everything women who have reached a certain age have been thinking, but rarely acknowledging. Filled with insights and observations that instantly ring true, (and could have come only from her,) "I Remember Nothing" is pure joy. (Review from Google Books).

Extra Fun!

  • Visit Live cams at Monterey Bay Aquarium

  • Online learning resources with California State Parks

  • Quarantine Bingo Fun!

  • Cookie Shimmy: Wash your face and hands first. Grab an Oreo cookie or a cookie about the same size. Place the cookie on your forehead. The goal is to move the cookie into your mouth without using your hands. Did you get it?  

  • Cup Stack Challenge: If you have 10 plastic cups available, time yourself building a cup pyramid. You can build the tower with 4 cups on the bottom layer, then 3 cups, then 2 cups and 1 cup on top. How fast can you stack them and then bring them back down?  

  • Defying Gravity: Take 3 balloons or scarves and throw them all in the air. Your goal is to keep all 3 items up in the air as long as possible. What was your best time?  

  • Nose Mover: Find a coffee table or a surface that is about 6-8 inches wide. Start with a line of cotton balls. How long does it take to push all 10 cotton balls across the surface?  
  • Visit the National Parks – Virtually! 

  • Museum virtual tours

  • More National park virtual tours
  • Learn more about the history of the San Ramon Valley: to follow along with 

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