The Finance Department provides accounting control over assets, revenues, receivables and maintains budgetary control over all Town funds. This department is responsible for the proper receipt, custody and disbursement of all Town funds as well as the safety, liquidity and maximization of the yields of the Town's financial resources.

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Less than 8 cents of every property tax dollar paid by a resident goes to the Town of Danville.

The Town’s largest source of revenue is property tax, which is projected  at $14.26 million in 2019/20. Of those funds, the Town of Danville receives an average of 7.7% of property tax collected. 

Property Tax Chart


The second largest revenue source is sales tax, projected to total $5.58 million for 2019/20. These revenue sources help fund town services, including police, parks, roads and other services. This is one reason why the economic vitality of Danville is important: supporting local business directly supports the services our community relies on.

Image of Sales Tax Distribution, pictures of coins to demonstrate the 8.25% sales tax distribution

Lighting Landscape Assessment District - Senior Exemption

The LLAD Covers the cost of maintaining all median and roadside landscaping. Residents 65 years and older or who have a permanent disability and own your principal residence within the Danville town limits may qualify for an exemption.

financial indicators

As of June 30, 2020

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