When can I start my project?

Work on the project can only begin after the Town has changed your permit status to “Issued.”

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1. How do I register for an account to submit a permit application online?
2. Why didn’t I receive the confirmation email required to confirm my account registration?
3. For Step 1. Location: What do I do if my address does not appear in the search results?
4. For Step 5. Attachments: What are the required attachments and which files need to be compiled?
5. For Step 5. Attachments: How do I upload sheets with Contra Costa Central Sanitary District (CCCSD) Stamp?
6. What is the Online Process?
7. When can I start my project?
8. How do I resubmit in response to Plan Review Comments?
9. How do I submit a Revision or a Deferred Submittal?
10. My project is approved and I’ve paid all outstanding fees, so why is my permit not issued yet?
11. How do I print my permit inspection card and stamped plans?
12. Help! I've read the instructions, reviewed all emails from noreply@danville.ca.gov, and read all FAQs, but I'm still having trouble!