Will the project have a negative impact on fire safety?

Fire safety was fully studied as part of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prepared for the project. In consultation with the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, the report found that the project would not have a significant impact on fire safety in the area. The project would also include three evacuation routes through the open space area to the south and west in addition to Blackhawk Road.  You can watch and listen to the information provided by the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District’s Fire Marshall on this subject at: https://danville-ca.granicus.com/player/clip/1170?view_id=9. Discussion starts at the 50:00 minute mark and finishes at 56:30.

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1. What is The Magee Preserve Project?
2. Is it a development on an Open Space Preserve?
3. Where is it located?
4. What are the existing General Plan and Zoning designations for the Magee property?
5. How does the General Plan or Zoning District allow 69 lots on Agricultural land?
6. Why can't the property be preserved in its current farmland state?
7. What is Measure S?
8. Is the project subject to Measure S and therefore a public vote?
9. Why does the property need to be rezoned?
10. How much traffic would the project generate?
11. Were impacts to cyclists considered?
12. Would the project cause downstream flooding and erosion?
13. Would the development impair the ability for police and fire to respond?
14. Has this project been proposed before?
15. Was there a lawsuit filed against the original project?
16. What was the outcome of the lawsuit on the SummerHill development proposal?
17. What will happen if Measure Y passes, or if it fails?
18. What public trails would be associated with the development?
19. Who will maintain the trails?
20. Will Diablo Road be improved?
21. How will the open space be assured to be permanent?
22. Will the project have a negative impact on fire safety?
23. Are there State laws that require development of open space?
24. How many vehicles trips would the development add to the roadway network?