Diablo Road Trail Feasibility Study


The Town’s vision to develop a continuous pedestrian and bicycle trail along the Diablo Road corridor is reflected in each of Danville’s key planning documents over the past three decades, tracing back to the Danville 2005 General Plan, adopted in 1987.  In each of these policy documents, it is clear that any potential trail alignment option would necessitate a dedication of land from the privately-owned Magee property located on the south side of Diablo Road. 

A recently submitted development proposal by Davidon Homes, if approved, would enable the Town to secure the dedication of land necessary to implement this trail, the Town retained Alta Planning + Design to study the feasibility of constructing the segment of trail that would be dedicated to the Town.  Specifically, Alta was asked to identify viable road and creek crossing locations, trail alignment routes and associated costs.   

A complete summary of the project history, Alta’s feasibility analysis and an in-house engineering analysis of on-road bike lanes (an alternative to the trail) was presented to the Parks & Leisure Services Commission on September 12, 2018 (available below).

Questions about the feasibility study can also be directed to Andrew Dillard, Transportation Manager at (925) 314-3384 or adillard@danville.ca.gov

Front Cover Diablo Road Trail Feasibility Analysis