Traffic Unit

Safe Traffic Environment

Traffic issues concern and effect all citizens within the community. Through the community's continued support and the Police Department's enforcement efforts, we are committed to making Danville the safest traffic environment possible.

Police Cruiser in the Rearview


Our goal is to reduce the number of accidents within the community. For those accidents we cannot prevent, we strive to reduce their severity. This is accomplished by:

  • Enforcing traffic violations at high accident locations
  • Addressing citizen complaints and concerns with regard to traffic
  • Being highly visible to the motoring public
  • Conducting proactive radar / lidar enforcement
  • Deploying the radar trailer / sign board to remind motorists to slow down
  • Education about and enforcement of adult seat belt and child safety seat violators
  • Education about and enforcement of helmet laws and bicycle violations
  • Enforcing cell phone violations
  • Focusing on enforcement of school zone traffic violations during the school year

Primary Mission

Ensuring the safe movement of traffic and pedestrians throughout the community is the primary mission of the Danville Police Traffic Division. The Traffic Division consists of one sergeant, two motorcycle officers, and one traffic car; however, all Danville police officers have an active role in keeping our roadways safe.