Bound For Books (2023)

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Alice in Wonderland Artist Hannah Sidhom, Tristan Patterson, and Kaylie Klotz
Book: Alice in Wonderland
Artist: Hannah Sidhom, Tristan Patterson, and Kaylie Klotz
Location: 675 Hartz Ave., Danville

Book: Dr. Seuss Medley
Artist: Ranjany Krishnan
Location: 190 Hartz Ave., Danville

Dr. Suess Artist Ranjany Krishnan

Gone with the Wind Artist Taiko Fujimura
Book: Gone with the Wind
Artist: Taiko Fujimura
Location: Danville Library, 400 Front St.

Book: Goodnight Moon
Artist: Erin Cherniss
Location: 3 Railroad Ave., Danville

Goodnight Moon Artist Erin Cherniss

Heidi Artist Lucy Bell
Book: Heidi
Artist: Lucy Bell
Location: 205 Railroad Ave., Danville

Book: Little Women
ArtistMorganne Spragins
Location: 233 Front St., Danville
Little Women Artist Morganne Spragins

Magic Treehouse Artist Rekha Joshi
Book: The Magic Treehouse Series (Eve of the Emperor Penguin)
Artist: Rekha Joshi
Location: 100 Railroad Ave., Danville

Book: My Life in France
Artist: Lisa Long
Location: 398 Hartz Ave., Danville

My Life in France Artist Lisa Long

The Giving Tree Artist Brian Sal Corral
Book: The Giving Tree
Artist: Brian Sal Corral
Location: 175 E. Prospect Ave., Danville

Book: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Artist: Kristen Calderon
Location: 480 Hartz Ave., Danville
Wonder World of Oz Artist Kristen Calderon