Housing Legislation

State laws govern how cities make decisions related to housing plans and housing developments. In recent years, the California state legislature has enacted the landmark “2017 Housing Package” of laws intended to spur housing development.

The state legislature’s affordability focus continued in 2019 with another package of housing legislation. In 2021, we expect additional housing bills to be introduced and considered. 

The Town of Danville recognizes the challenges of producing affordable housing opportunities in the region and supports policy positions and actions that: 

  • Advocate for a balanced approach (balancing regional jobs, housing, and transportation needs); and  

  • Preserve local decision-making ability, ensuring that cities can address housing challenges in a way that fits with their community character; 

Housing Element Related Legislation

The following table summarizes recent state legislation that must be addressed in the Housing Element in a variety of ways (this summary is not exhaustive in its coverage).

Bill Title 

Bills Removing Barriers to Housing Production

SB 330 – Housing Crisis Act of 2019 and Changes to Permit Streamlining Act & Housing Accountability Act

AB 1763 – Density Bonuses for Affordable Housing

AB 116 – Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District

AB 879 – Expands the required analysis of constraints in the Housing Element

Surplus Land Databases and Reporting Requirements

AB 1486 / SB 6AB 1255 – Expansion of Surplus Land Act and Reporting

AB 1483  – Housing Data Collection and Reporting

Accessory Dwelling Units

AB 68 /  AB 881 / SB 13 – Modifications to Increase Accessory Dwelling Unit Development

AB 587 – Sale of Accessory Dwelling Units

AB 670 – Construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in Common Interest Developments

AB 671 – Affordable Accessory Dwelling Unit Program Creation

Related Housing Element Laws

SB 166 – “No Net Loss” Law

AB 1397 – Additional justification of Housing Element sites

AB 1505 – Authorizes Inclusionary Housing in Rental Projects

AB 72 – Increased Enforcement of Housing Element Law

Tenant Protections, Established Uses by Right

AB 1482 – Limits annual rent increases

AB 2162 – Requires supportive housing be a use by-right in certain zones

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