Am I resident or non-resident of Danville?

For residents outside the incorporated Town of Danville limits:

Each quarter, the Town receives a number of questions regarding the residency status for individuals and families wishing to register for Town-sponsored programs and activities. Those living outside the Danville Town limits include residents of the communities of Alamo and Diablo, and the Alamo Creek, Bettencourt Ranch, Blackhawk, Bryan Ranch, Monterosso, Shadow Creek, and Whitegate housing developments. In order to verify your residency in Danville, you can:

  1. Look up your street address in the index of the Thomas Bros. Guide; it will state Danville or Contra Costa County for zip code 94506
  2. Review the information on your property tax bill
  3. Check your residency status online


The program and facility fees cover a large portion of the actual costs, though Town of Danville residents also partially support the classes, events, and facilities through their property tax assessments. Because of this, those program participants and individuals reserving Town facilities who live outside of Danville pay an additional non-resident charge. 

Special Notice to Alamo Residents living in the Alamo County Service Area R-7A: 

All R-7A residents are eligible to register for Town-sponsored programs scheduled at Hap Magee Ranch Park during the resident registration period. Effective May 9, 2023, resident fees will apply for these classes and activities. For more information, please call 925-314-3400.

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