Why ban smoking in multi - family housing units?

Numerous studies have found that nonsmokers living in multiple family buildings can be exposed to secondhand smoke from neighbors who smoke. Eliminating smoking in indoor spaces is the only way to fully protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke exposure. Cleaning the air, ventilating buildings, and separating smokers from nonsmokers cannot fully prevent secondhand smoke exposure.

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1. What are the notification requirements for landlords?
2. What are the posting / signage requirements for landlords and HOAs?
3. What are the required lease terms for apartment and condo tenants?
4. What happens when a tenant breaches the smoking provision of the lease?
5. What if the property has no signs?
6. What is considered smoking?
7. Where can residents smoke?
8. Where will smoking be prohibited?
9. Who do I contact to report a violation?
10. Why ban smoking in multi - family housing units?