Does the Town of Danville allow door to door solicitors?
  • All of the applicants information is submitted by Records to the CCC Sheriff's VICE Unit where a background check will be performed. The check will include a Tax collector check and DOJ check. The fee for the Tax check is $60. The background check takes 30 to 60 days to complete.
  • Applicant must submit to fingerprints check (live scan) and provide proof of a Bond to County records. This fee is $57 more or less.
  • The County requires that the solicitor obtain a Business License through the Town of Danville if they are soliciting in Danville. To obtain a business license 925-314-3326
  • Once the solicitor has filled out the County application and obtained a Business License they turn in their completed application to County Records.
  • Once the solicitor has passed the background they will have the option to purchase a 3 month ($15) or 1 year ($60) permit. They will be issued a pocket ID card that they must carry with them when they are soliciting. The front of the card contains their photo and the following information: height, weight, hair color, eye color, vendor permit number. The back of the card contains the solicitors name, address and date of expiration.
  • The solicitor must first obtain a permit application packet from Contra Costa County Records by calling 925-335-1570. This fee is $5.

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