Living Green

Environmentally Sustainable

The Town of Danville has made important strides in our effort to become more environmentally sustainable. Some of the actions the Town has already taken include:

  • Adding more fuel efficient vehicles, including hybrids, to the Town’s fleet
  • Improving efficiency of heating and air conditioning systems at Town facilities
  • Installation of solar energy panels at Town facilities
  • Promoting access for pedestrians and cyclists through the Town’s trail program
  • Promoting recycling, including e-waste recycling
  • Lowering building permit fees for residential solar installations
  • Providing information on the state's PACE Program that assists residents in financing environmentally friendly home improvements.

Tools & Programs

Within the pages of this website are tools and programs to help you learn about Danville's current efforts to promote environmental sustainability and make Danville more sustainable. We encourage you to use this site to find more ways to conserve energy, and to develop new ways to help Danville live up to our goals of making our community both healthier and more sustainable.

  1. Action Plan
  2. Conserving Energy
  3. Food Recycling
  4. Indoor Air Quality
  5. Water Saver Home
  6. Green Business

The Town's Climate Action Plan (PDF) was adopted by the Council on May 18, 2009. The plan is intended as best practices and is intended to provide a combination of actions the Town would take with respect to its own operations, some regulatory actions and cooperative efforts within the community to provide residents and business owners ways to reduce greenhouse emissions. More in depth and up to date information will be included in the Town's General Plan.