Emergency Preparedness - Coronavirus Local, State, Federal news

  1. California Connected — Contact tracing program
  2. Updated FAQs from CCHealth.org
  3. Updated SIP Order with Additional Business Activity 5/18/2020 (PDF)
  4. Appendix C-1 Additional Businesses 5/18/2020 (PDF)
  5. Health Order: Highly-Regulated Vehicle-Based Gatherings 5/15/2020 (PDF)
  6. Appendix A: Highly Regulated Vehicle-Based Gathering Plan
  7. Updated Mass Isolation Order 5/14/2020 (PDF)
  8. Updated Mass Quarantine Order 5/14/2020 (PDF)
  9. Get Tested
  10. Find a Testing Site
  11. Executive Summary of May 4, 2020 Shelter Order
  12. Order of the Contra Costa Health Officer 04/29/2020
  13. Shelter-in-Place Through May 31 FAQs
  14. Free Drive-In Testing for residents with symptoms in Contra Costa Details (PDF)
  15. Face Mask FAQs
  16. Health Order for Members of the Public and Workers to Wear Face Coverings - 4/17/2020
  17. California Roadmap to Modify The Stay at Home Order 4/14/2020 (PDF)
  18. California Numbers of Covid19 Cases
  19. Executive Summary of Updated Order Changes 3/31/2020
  20. Updated Stay-At-Home Order with New Restrictions 3/31/2020
  21. Governor Newsom Issues Executive Oder to Protect Renters and Homeowners during Covid-19 Pandemic
  22. IEDC Stimulus Update (PDF)
  23. Shelter in Place Order FAQs updated (Web Link)
  24. Shelter in Place Order FAQs (PDF)
  25. Order of the Health Officer: Shelter at their Place of Residence 3/16/2020 (PDF)
  26. State of Emergency notice letter from the California Governor (PDF)
  27. CCC Re-openings To Date (PDF)
  28. Legislation for COVID-19 (PDF)
  29. Update on Contra Costa County Offices & Services
  30. Bay Area Health Officer's Indicators for Assessing Progress of Containing Covid19 (PDF)
  31. Updated FAQs from CCHealth.org