What is a small cell wireless facility?

Small cell facilities are a type of wireless broadband infrastructure. They typically take the form of small antennas (3-4 feet tall) that are placed on existing infrastructure (such as utility poles) and are accompanied by equipment cabinets installed lower on the pole.  They are relatively new and are taking the place of cell towers (macro cell technology), which can reach up to nearly 100 feet high and are designed to cover larger geographic areas.  

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1. What is a small cell wireless facility?
2. Who governs the location of wireless facilities?
3. What has the Town of Danville done to address this issue?
4. What does the Town’s Wireless Ordinance do?
5. What have other cities done?
6. Can potential health effects prevent these installations from being approved?
7. Can the Town require fiber underground as an alternative?
8. Why does the Town’s ordinance streamline the review process?
9. Does the Town’s ordinance favor one neighborhood over another?
10. Is there a limit to the number of cell facilities in Danville?
11. Are there other challenges that cities face in regulating wireless installations?
12. Has FCC’s new order been challenged?