Dave Fong

Town Council
Title: Councilmember
Phone: 925-963-3637
Dave Fong

Dave and his wife, Louise, have lived in Danville since 1977 raising two children who graduated from SRVUSD, college, and now have successful careers and their own families. During those 44 years, Dave has been actively involved with public service, sports, and educational activities and programs in the community.

As a second-year councilmember representing and serving the Danville community, Dave strives to preserve the core areas of our successful heritage that make Danville such a special place to live. His commitment is to harness the strengths and assets invested by the town over the many decades and to build on the foundation of what has been successful to meet our community’s expectations.

Dave graduated with degrees from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. in Economics, and the University of California, San Francisco with a Doctor of Pharmacy. He has over 43 years as a successful senior pharmacy executive with relentless leadership drive, strategic and retail business experience with Fortune 100 ( Safeway Inc.) and Fortune 500 ( Longs Drug Stores, Inc.) companies. Currently, Dave is an executive for a small business digital telemedicine technology company providing greater accessibility, affordability, and safety to consumers in need of health care in the U.S.

Dave has actively served on committees and boards across the public and private sector including Marin Clean Energy (MCE) Board of Directors, CalCities, Commissioner and former Chair for the Danville Senior Advisory Commission, governor appointed member of the California State Board of Pharmacy, and numerous advisory boards for industry and academia.



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