Virtual Art Gallery - Inspired By

Inspired By is an exhibition featuring original artwork that was created out of influence or inspiration from another artist. Artists look to other artists, either living or from history, to learn about new ways to create. Artwork elicits a visceral reaction from the viewer—which artist’s work speaks to your soul and why? This will be an exhibition that leaves revelers of art feeling inspired.

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Adiane Dedic, A Little Bird Told Me So
Ana Gadish-Linares, Victorian Outlaw 2020
Angelo Palmeri, Portrait of  Montgomery Ernest Thomas Kaluhiokalani
Anne Greogory, A Trip To Lassen
Jan Weiss, Channeling Joan
David Pilosof - After Rothko_Chartreuse Over Gray
Deborah Babin, Table with Pears and Figs
Grigor Malinov, Frida and the Giants, Salvador Dali and Diego Rivera
John Brown, Yosemite Falls
Judith Rohrer, Southwest Holiday II
Katherine Kodama, Succulents
Kathy Flint, Autumn Vineyards
Kelly Autumn, Eat the damn cake
LaRhee Webster, Canyon Riders
Leslie Hauer, If Monet Met Tumbleweeds
Leslie Morgan, Pool Conundrum
Linda Anderson, Perceptions of Life
Lorraine Lawson, Isthmus
Melanie Lacki, Cloche Interpretations
Michele Ramirez, Stinson Beach
Patti Samper, Picture Element, Yellow
Paul Ransohoff, Convening the Experts at the Urn, after Tiepolo
Renate Kuprian, Purple Iris
Rinat Goren, Invitation
Toby Tover, Swan No
Vicki Gaia, Oceanic Shores 2
Victoria Mimiaga, American Gothic
Virginia George, Grey is Grey
Virginia George, Thinking of Calder
Dimitri Koovshinoff, Sonoma Coast Sea Wind
Ashley Erin Dotson, 5 Days, 12 Hours-Red
Cynda Grabel, She's Gone
Kathy Wills, Frida with Thorns and a Bird
Beppi Isbert, The Birds Are Real
Michelle Headstrom, Reflect
Michelle Headstrom, Alphabet
Paul Ford, Endangered Vaquita Diego's Dos Delfinas
Paula Valenzuela, The Space in Between
Melinda diSessa, Mud And Stone #11
Hilary Saner, The Functioning of Memory (after Dali)
AJ Nicholls, Maple & Turquoise Hollowform
Pat Moseuk, Field Of Greens
Mark Dierker, Dallie's World
Debra Kay, Frida Ofrenda
Irenka Kudlicki, Just the way you're
Dalia Alekna, Time of Chaos