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Capacity Information for Businesses

Capacity or maximum occupancy are numbers that are established by the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.

Capacity is based on fire department occupancy limits calculated by business type. In most cases the capacity limit does NOT include staff under the fire code; individual premises will know from their own individualized fire department occupancy limits whether staff are included. Trained staff serve as safety facilitators and help customers evacuate in an emergency. These same staff can assist in the public health emergency to enforce public health protocols. Staff also play an important role by ensuring customers are assisted quickly at the point of sale to avoid crowding and ensure appropriate physical distancing.

How to calculate your TEMPORARY limitations

Retail stores may remain open but must limit capacity to 20% of maximum.

With the current retail limitation of 20% capacity, to calculate maximum occupancy you would take the square footage of your business and divide it by 60. This is your maximum occupancy limit under normal circumstances. To calculate your 20% maximum occupancy, you would then times by 0.20.

For example, a business with 2,000 sqft
2000 / 60 = 33.3
Next, times that by 0.20 33.3 x 0.20 = 6.7 which would give a new maximum occupancy of 7 customers (rounded up).

Summary of California's Tiered Reopening System (PDF)

To get the latest information on the county’s case rate and positivity rates, go to
To learn more about the new tiered system and how each tier will affect you, go to  


This year of COVID-19 has made 2020 anything, but business as usual and is truly uncharted territory for you, your employees, customers and community. Reopening must be balanced with careful planning and diligent follow through to help protect those that depend on you for employment and those that rely on your goods and services. 

Industry Specific Guidelines

As California reopens, every business will need to create a safer, low-risk environment. The industry-specific guidance applies to businesses statewide. Review the guidance that is relevant to your workplace, make a plan, and put it into action. Post your completed checklist so everyone can know the steps you’ve taken.

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CCC Re-Openings At A Glance (PDF)

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