Public Art - Hearts around Hartz

Photo Montage of all the Hearts around Hartz

We hope you have enjoyed the HEARTS around HARTZ  this summer…

If you’d like to bring one home (or know someone who does) please register to bid.  

Online bidding for the Hearts begins at midnight on Thursday, October 15 and closes at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, October 20.  

Registration and detailed information can be found online at:

For more information please contact

This summer, the Town of Danville invites its residents and visitors to discover 17 uniquely adorned heart sculptures placed all around downtown. The public art exhibition will be installed mid-June and run through October 16.

Each heart sculpture is unique, with each design created by a different Bay Area artist. Some of the hearts boast a Danville theme with imagery ranging from oak trees to Mount Diablo others incorporate playful designs and motifs. With an array of styles and subject matters represented, from traditional to contemporary, this outdoor exhibition is not to be missed. 

The exhibition will come to a close with an online auction.  All proceeds from the online auction will go to a public art fund so that the Town can coordinate another public art project for all to experience in the future.

For more information, contact Visual Arts Coordinator Marija Nelson Bleier at (925) 314-3460 or

Click on the map below for the locations of the Heart installations.

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Join the Heart HUnt!

Take a look at the Hearts around Hartz Scavenger Hunt clues,  find all 17 letters to spell out the secret phrase! Write them down next to each clue. Please note that the clue number corresponds with the number of each heart on the map. 

Submit your guess at the heart table in front of the Village Theatre Art Gallery from 10:00AM-12:00PM on Fridays, starting August 14. Participants who complete the hunt will receive heart grab bag and will be entered in to win weekly raffle prizes. If you are unable to visit the heart table, please drop your form off in the mailbox at the bottom of the stairs (closest to the parking lot) at the Village Theatre and Art Gallery. If you drop your form off in the mailbox and you will still like a heart grab bag, contact to schedule a pick-up. 

Hearts around Hartz Scavenger Hunt (PDF)

View and print the hearts information sheets:

The following links are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Town of Danville of any of the products, services, opinions or political views of the artists, corporations, organizations or individuals. The Town of Danville bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of the external sites or for that of subsequent links. 

Heart created by Taiko Fujimura
Sponsored on behalf of Kids' Country
Artist: Taiko Fujimura
Heart Information (PDF)

Location: Balford Building, Corner of School / Hartz
Sponsor: Dudum Real Estate Group
Artist: Sophia Lee
Heart Information (PDF)

Location: The Coffee Shop, 1 Railroad Ave.
Heart created by Sophia Lee
Heart created by Erin Colcord
Sponsor: James Bassett - Edward Jones
Artist: Erin Colcord
Heart Information (PDF)

Location: Danville Brewing Co. 200 Railroad Ave.
Sponsor: Teichert Construction
Artist: Rob Corder
Heart Information (PDF)


Location: Danville Sign, Entrance to Downtown
Heart created by Rob Corder
Entropy Lionheart at DCC Library
Sponsor: The Petrowsky Family
Artist: Entropy
Heart Information (PDF)
Location: Danville Community Center, 420 Front St.
Sponsor: Joway Christensen, Realtor #01207511  
Artist: Lisa Hoffman
Heart Information (PDF)
Location: Danville Square, Railroad Ave.
Lisa Hoffman Heart
Paula Kim's heart at Senior Center E. Prospect
Sponsor: The Reutlinger Community
Artist: Paula Kim
Heart Information (PDF)
Location: Danville Senior Center, 115 E. Prospect Ave.
Sponsor: CPC Danville
Artist: Sarah Lee
Heart Information (PDF)
Location: Crumbs Breakfast & Lunch, 428 Railroad Ave.
Sarah Lee's Heart with Hummingbird
Heart created by Megan Sara
Sponsor: Hope Hospice
Artist: Megan Sara      
Heart Information (PDF)                    


Location: Albatross312 Railroad Ave.
Sponsor: Kim & Tim Williams 
Artist: Deborah Shea
Heart Information (PDF)

Location: Danville Chocolates, 175 E. Prospect Ave.
Deborah Shea's Heart on East Prospect at Danville Chocolates
Heart Created by Speth
Sponsor: Heritage Bank of Commerce
Artist: Speth Szabo
Heart Information (PDF)
Location: Museum of the San Ramon Valley, 205 Railroad Ave.
Sponsor: In loving memory of Sienna Rettig
Artist: Ricky Watts
Heart Information (PDF)


Location: Whim House, 485 Hartz Ave.
Heart Created by Ricky Watts
Heart Created by Jan Weiss
Sponsor: Dana and Paul Weiler, Real Estate Brokers #00956555 
Artist: Jan Weiss 
Heart Information (PDF)  


Location: J.McLaughlin, 411 Hartz Ave.
Sponsor: Danville Town Council 2020 
Artist: Kappy Venezia
Heart Information (PDF)

Location: Village Theatre Art Gallery, 233 Front St.
Mosaic Heart by Kappy Venezia at 233 Front Street VTAG
Suzanne Gayle's Heart for Hearts around Hartz
Sponsor: Latitude Wines Inc.
Artist: Suzanne Gayle
Heart Information (PDF)


Location: Chicago Title Insurance Co. 190 Hartz Ave.

Sponsor: Hartz Property Management
Artist: Julia Albo
Heart Information (PDF)


Location: The Vine & Spirits, 480 Hartz Ave.
Julia Albo Heart At The Vine
Lee Burg Heart
Sponsor:  Jill Fusari, The Agency #01775608
Artist: Lee Burg
Heart Information (PDF)


Location: Peet’s Coffee & Tea • 435 Railroad Ave.