EBMUD Update

Recommendations for restaurants, businesses and other facilities restarting water use after shutdowns

EBMUD Reopening Fact Sheet (PDF)

EBMUD ensures high-water quality  for all customers with constant testing and proper treatment. The water we deliver is disinfected, but it’s not sterile. As the coronavirus shelter-in-place restrictions phase out or change, and businesses reopen, managers of large buildings and campuses should take precautions to ensure water is safe and tastes good.

EBMUD tap water is safe from Coronavirus

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has not affected EBMUD’s drinking water supply. All EBMUD tap water remains safe.

Water is life, and safe tap water is key to reducing the spread of Coronavirus in our East Bay community. Remember: hand washing is an important part of the strategy to combat this pandemic.


EBMUD water treatment plants are designed to eliminate pathogens including viruses and bacteria. The Coronavirus does not affect EBMUD’s drinking water supply. All EBMUD tap water remains safe. For more information about coronavirus and drinking water, see USEPA’s latest information at https://www.epa.gov/coronavirus/coronavirus-and-drinking-water-and-wastewater


EBMUD will not disconnect customers’ water service due to billing/payment issues during this health emergency. If your water has been shut off due to non-payment, please call EBMUD Customer Service at 1-866-403-2683 to make arrangements to restore service.

EBMUD’s Customer Assistance Program helps reduce bills for customers facing economic hardships. For more information, go to www.ebmud.com/cap.


Planned construction that cannot be delayed and emergency repairs may result in water service interruptions for up to four hours. We will do all we can to complete these projects as safely and quickly as possible. We ask the public to please maintain proper social distance from our crews as they work through this emergency to bring you water.


EBMUD’s business continuity plans are in place to ensure that we continue to maintain drinking water quality and wastewater services.

EBMUD employees are sworn civil servants and disaster workers who work around the clock, including during emergencies. Some work cannot be delayed. Many crews are on the ground continuing to install and maintain vital infrastructure. Again, please maintain a safe social distance from EBMUD crews in your neighborhood.

 EBMUD also is limiting employees’ direct contact with customers when and wherever possible and instituting telecommuting, virtual meetings and social distancing where appropriate.



Please check www.ebmud.com/recreation frequently for the latest information on East Bay trails and Sierra foothills recreation areas and trails.



EBMUD collects and treats wastewater from sewer agencies west of the Oakland/Berkeley hills. If you experience a toilet paper shortage and switch to wipes, please DO NOT FLUSH the wipes. Even if they are advertised as "flushable," they do not break down in water like toilet paper. They clump, block and can damage the wastewater system that keeps pollutants out of San Francisco Bay. Throw wipes in the trash. Only flush pee, poo and toilet paper. Watch a video of how these pipes affect the system at www.ebmud.com/wastewater/bay-friendly-waste-disposal/what-not-flush/.



Board of Director meetings will continue to be held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, at 375 11th Street Oakland until further notice. EBMUD provides audio and video of past meetings and will provide real-time audio streaming beginning with the March 24, 2020, regular board meeting. Visit www.ebmud.com/board-meetings.


In-person community meetings with more than 10 people are being canceled, postponed, or will be held virtually to respect current public health guidelines.


Together we will work through this and every emergency to bring you safe, clean water. Thank you for keeping the community informed. For more information please visit:https://www.ebmud.com/water/about-your-water/water-quality/coronavirus/