Wildfire Safety & PG&E PSPS

Preparing for Wildfire and Potential Evacuation: Over the past few years, California has experienced a dramatic rise in both the number and severity of wildland fires. These fires have ravaged wildland-urban interface areas taking lives, destroying homes, and obliterating infrastructure. Six of the 20 largest fires in California’s recorded history have burned in the last five years and 10 of California’s most destructive wildfires have occurred since 2015. Follow the link below for guidance on being prepared and having an evacuation plan from Contra Costa County's website

Wildfire Preparation & Evacuation Plan

Power Shutoff Preparedness Flyer (PDF)

The Town of Danville holds the safety and well-being of our citizens as the highest priority we have. During a PG&E directed Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event, it is possible that public safety emergencies will occur. It remains our goal to keep you informed and prepared for any event that affects your safety. Visit our Stay Connected webpage to find out how you can stay informed.