Wildfire Safety & PG&E PSPS

UPDATE: 3:30 P.M. OCTOBER 13, 2020 

PG&E has revised their estimate of the number of residences that will be affected in Danville. The initial estimate of 1850 has been drastically reduced and we recommend that residents use the address look up on the PG&E website to see if they will be affected.  https://pgealerts.alerts.pge.com/outages/map/

Dry conditions and high winds have increased the chances of a potential wildfire situation, prompting PG&E to institute a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) that will affect a very small number of Danville homes.

The PSPS event is set to begin on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 between 6:00 P.M - 8:00 P.M.

Preparing for a PSPS

  • Make sure your PG&E billing information contains your current contact information to receive notifications.
  • Plan for medical needs, like devices that use batteries/require power or medications that need to be refrigerated. Visit PG&E's Medical Baseline Program page for more information about the program, resources available, and how to apply. 
  • Prepare backup charging methods for phones or other devices
  • Keep hard copies of emergency numbers
  • Create or restock a home emergency kit that includes fresh batteries, flashlights, cash, and first aid supplies. The www.bereadysrv.org web site has checklists and other ideas for preparing for an emergency
  • Know how to manually open your garage door
  • Plan for the needs of your pets
  • Ensure backup generators are ready and safe to use
  • Sign up for emergency alert notifications: 
  • For additional wildfire and emergency preparedness tips, visit:
  • PG&E has also established a Safety Action Center web page in order to provide  helpful information about wildfire risks and what you can do before, during and after an emergency to keep your family safe.  

PUBLIC SAFETY REMINDER:  Should traffic signals become non-operational, the California Vehicle Code requires motorists to treat those intersections as four-way stops. Please use caution, and watch for other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.


These systems and web sites can assist you in staying informed and prepared in the event of an emergency.  

Contra Costa County Community Warning System. This opt in system allows you to be contacted by emergency staff in the event of an emergency in your area.  

You can also get information on our social media sites: Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter and also Nixle.

REMEMBER…If cellphones are not working, internet is down and other communications are not functioning, radio Station AM 1610 is the place to go for emergency information.

The Town of Danville holds the safety and well being of our citizens as the highest priority we have. During a PG&E directed Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event, it is possible that public safety emergencies will occur. It remains our goal to keep you informed and prepared for any event that affects your safety.

We invite you to access the following websites and systems to stay aware and be prepared for all public safety emergencies to include Public Safety Power shutoffs.

Contra Costa County Community Warning System

https://cwsalerts.com/  Phone 925-313-9622

Beready San Ramon Valley


PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff Program

Public Safety Shutoff program Information

PG&E Update Link for your contact Information

Make sure your PG&E billing information contains your current contact information to receive notifications.

Update your contact Information

PG&E Medical Baseline information

Medical Baseline Information

Through PG&E's Medical Baseline Program, customers who have special energy needs due to qualifying medical conditions can receive extra notifications in advance of a PSPS and also receive a lower rate on their monthly energy bill. To enroll in the Medical Baseline Program, customers must complete an application that includes fields that must be completed by their doctor. The application is available on the PG&E website.  

Visit the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to learn about  Medicare coverage in disasters and emergencies.

PG&E psps Alerts

PSPS Safety Alerts

PG&E Wildfire Safety Information

Wildfire Safety Information

PG&E Weather Information

Weather Awareness

PG&E maintains a Weather Map that provides a 7-day forecast for potential Public Safety Power Shutoff incidents based on weather conditions. Users can find their zone and determine whether PSPS are forecast for their area.

The forecast encompasses nine geographic regions of PG&E’s service area and four levels of PSPS potential: 

Not Expected – Conditions that generally warrant a PSPS event are not expected at this time.

Elevated – An upcoming event (a period of gusty winds, dry conditions, heightened risk) is being monitored for an increased potential of a PSPS event.

PSPS Watch – The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated for a reasonable chance of executing PSPS for public safety in a given geographic zone due to a combination of adverse weather and dry fuel conditions. A PSPS watch is typically only issued within 72 hours before the anticipated start of an event.

PSPS Warning – The company Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated and customers in areas being considered for PSPS have been or are being notified. This level indicates execution of PSPS is probable given the latest forecast of weather and fuels and/or observed conditions. PSPS is typically executed in smaller and more targeted areas than the PG&E Geographic Zones. This level does not guarantee a PSPS execution as conditions and forecasts may change.

PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff FAQ’s

PG&E Public Safety Shutoff FAQ's