Development Permits

The following links describe the required development related permits that are reviewed and issued by the Town's Development Services Department through the Permit Center.  Each link provides information on what triggers the permit type and any considerations or conditions that may apply to the permit type. 

  • Building Permit: Required general building permit for new construction; for additions, alterations, repairs and partial demolitions to buildings and structures; and for moved buildings.
  • Building Demolition Permit: Required prior to a complete demolition of a building from a parcel of land.
  • Miscellaneous Permit:  Required for projects only involving plumbing, electrical, and/or mechanical work and for projects only involving window and/or door replacements.
  • Roofing Permit:  Required for roofing or re-roofing projects.
  • Pool / Spa Permit: Required for any pool, spa or hot tub installation or replacement.
  • Retaining Wall Permit: Required for walls supporting soil or surcharge loading meeting specific criteria.
  • Sign Permit: Required for sign construction. 
  • Encroachment Permit:  Required for any construction work in the public right of way.
  • Grading Permit: Required when moving 100 cubic yards or more of earth or any type of fill.
  • Tree Removal Permit: Required for removal of any tree that is protected under the Town of Danville's Tree Preservation Regulations.  
  • Construction Parking Permit:  Required for specific regulated locations within the Town that have limited parking availability.