• Adults & Seniors

  • The Town of Danville strives to offer programs and services which provide positive, enjoyable, and gratifying experiences for the Adults within this community.  Those programs include:

    Special Interest Classes: Programs and activities which provide an opportunity to learn new skills, foster human development, and provide recreational experiences.

    Health and Fitness Programs: Activities which engage your mind and body to improve healthy living.

    Sports Leagues: Activities which will engage you in a physical challenge while incorporating an opportunity to socialize with old friends and meet new ones!

    Trail Mixers: You can find the Trail Mixer program in the Spring and Fall Activity Guides each year. Spring Trail Mixers are held April, May and June and Fall Trail Mixers are held in October, November and December. For more information regarding the program, email seniors@danville.ca.gov.


  • Come to the Danville Senior Center!

    Click on the video below to see some of the activities the Senior Center has to offer.