Safety Award

Danville Police Officer Jimmy Adams was recognized Tuesday for his diligent efforts towards traffic safety and DUI enforcement by the State of California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS).

OTS Director Chris Murphy came to the Danville Town offices to present Officer Adams with an award recognizing Traffic Safety Excellence. Murphy applauded Adams’ efforts to keep the streets of Danville safe and to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and injuries.

Mayor Newell Arnerich, Town Manager Joe Calabrigo and Police Chief Steve Simpkins were on hand for the awards ceremony. Simpkins said he was very pleased to see Officer Adams being honored with this award.

“Jimmy has a real passion for traffic safety,” he said. “He is out there working to make sure everybody gets home safe. ”

Simpkins also commended Adams on his professionalism in the field. “It is not just what Jimmy does, it is how he does it.”

Adams’ award is one of 25 given out each year by the OTS recognizing law enforcement personnel in the area of traffic safety.

For more information, contact Police Chief Steve Simpkins at (925) 314-3700 or