New Budget Appropriates $50,000 for Business Promotion

The Town Council adopted the 2012/13 budget on June 19, which included Business Promotion Grant Funds to promote Danville-area businesses. 

Biz Promotion

Grant recipients this year include the Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Discover Danville Association, The Livery and Rose Garden shopping centers, the Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association and the Museum of the San Ramon Valley.  These business organizations will use the grants to market a variety of shopping and dining events hosted in Danville throughout the year.  These community events - which include Wine Strolls, Doggie Nights, Farmers’ Market, Street Festivals, and Holiday Shopping Events - are listed on and provide an opportunity for residents and visitors to discover the diverse array of businesses that make Danville so special.

 “The Business Promotion Funds have catapulted our communication ability and inspired us to host bigger parties that would be of interest to everyone in th

Grant funds were approved in $1,500 to $2,500 amounts, depending whether there is collaboration among different business organizations.e community,” said Marcia Harmon, President of the Discover Danville Association. “The grant marketing efforts ends up being the invitation to the party.”

For more information about Business Promotion Grant Funds, contact Economic Development Manager Jill Bergman at 925-314-3369 or