Danville Police are warning residents to be on the lookout for scammers posing as relatives stuck in jail and needing bail money.  Police Chief Steve Simpkins said they first became aware of this particular scam as an e-mail ploy, but it has now evolved to the point where criminals are directly phoning individuals and pretending be a jailed relative. 

“We’ve gotten some complaints recently of residents receiving these calls, one claiming to be their son, another claiming to be a grandson,” Simpkins said. “Your best bet in those cases is to check with other relatives to determine if the person is travelling.” 

Simpkins also suggested that residents contact the police department before paying out any money, as the police can check on the veracity of the claim.  

Chief Simpkins added, “This is a very common scam and we don’t want our residents falling prey to these bad guys.” 

Anyone who is contacted is encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department immediately.    

For more information, contact Det. Brian Sliger at (925) 925-3700 or ssimpkins@danville.ca.gov.