Danville-area seniors will have another venue for their health and well-being, as the Town has begun a partnership with Discovery Counseling Center to provide mental health services at the Danville Senior Center, 115 E. Prospect Avenue. 

Thanks to a generous donation from Chevron, the Town and the Discovery Center will provide Counseling, Intervention and Support for Seniors (CISS) at the downtown location, where seniors gather on a regular basis.   

“The Town of Danville is always looking for ways to enhance programs and services for seniors,” said Assistant Town Manager Greg Gilbert. “This is a good example of how local partnerships are able to meet community needs.” 

Discovery Counseling Center therapist, Dr. Fran Rapoport is now available by appointment at the Senior Center. Dr. Rapoport will have office hours at the center, making therapy readily available and non-threatening.  Plans are also underway for group counseling sessions on such issues as grief, loss, transitions and maintaining good mental health.    

For more information on the program, contact Discovery Counseling Center Executive Director Kathy Chiverton at (925) 837-0505 or visit www.discoveryctr.net.