While the Town of Danville strives to be a dog-friendly community, complaints regarding pets being off-leash have been on the increase. Resident complaints have ranged from aggressive behaviors by unleashed pets, to sanitary issues caused by owners not cleaning up after their pets.   

According to the Town’s Municipal Ordinance, dogs must be kept on leash at all times in Town. Even dogs on leash that are not under control are in violation of this ordinance. Residents are asked to refrain from bringing their dogs into play areas where the animals could become agitated. Signs reminding residents of the leash law have been posted at all sites and Danville Police Department will enforce this ordinance. 

The only Town maintained area where dogs are allowed off-leash is in the Canine Corral, a designated dog park at Hap Magee Ranch Park, 1025 La Gonda Way. The Canine Corral is open every day except Tuesday, when it is closed for routine maintenance. It may also be closed during periods of inclement weather. To check the status of the dog park please call 314-3484. 

For more information, contact Maintenance Services Manager Jed Johnson at (925) 314-3450 or jjohnson@danville.ca.gov