Although the rains are still falling, thoughts of spring are right around the corner.   And so should thoughts of spring cleaning.  For those residents who have lots of old, no longer usable, items lying around the house, the Contra Costa County Waste Management Authority (CCCWMA) has a program to help with the cleaning. 

CCCWMA holds Re-Use and Recycle days throughout the year.  Notices are sent out to homes detailing what can be left out for pick-up as well  when their pick-up days are scheduled, but residents can also get that information by contacting Allied Waste Customer Service at (925) 685-4711. Residents can also see what items can be left out for the re-use days by going to the Allied website.

The pick-up is handled in a two pronged fashion.  On the actual day, a Pacific Rim Recycling truck will come to the home and pick up those items left out on the street.  Any items that are not taken by the PRR trucks will then be picked up the following day by Allied Waste. 

According to the CCCWMA, there were 996 tons of waste diverted from California landfills by the Reuse and Cleanup days in 2010.