Winter Prep Underway in Danville

Debris Pile 1 

While winters in Northern California may not pack quite the same punch as other areas of the country, there are still plenty of challenges to the cold, wet conditions seen here in Danville. Town of Danville Maintenance Director Jed Johnson said staff spend quite a bit of time in the early part of the season getting the Town ready for the change in weather.

Of course, one of the most obvious changes to the season is the leaves dropping from the many trees throughout the area.  From the trees along Hartz Avenue to those on the berms along Camino Tassajara, the leaves fall fast and begin to pile up once Halloween is past.  Contract crews go out along the Town thoroughfares and sweep up the leaves before they can be swept into storm drains and transport them to the Town's Maintenance depot (above) for disposal.  At the same time, street crews monitor all of the drainage areas.  They clear other debris away from the drains, ensuring that when the rains begin there will be no major flooding in Town. 

Parks crews have installed straw waddle on the dirt portions of Town maitained ball diamonds to minimize the amount of infield runoff during the rain.  The many sports fields in Town are being Dog Park 1aerated and fertilized during the winter moratorium on field use.  Johnson said that ecause the rains have not completely started yet, the irrigation systems are continuing to run, but once the season gets into full swing those will be turned off.  In addition, contractors have been brought in to handle ongoing landscape cleanup and tree pruning at area parks. 

Another large project taking place during the field closures is the re-sodding of the Canine Corral.  The dog park located at Hap Magee Ranch Park sees a great deal of use during its active season, so crews need to work continuously to maintain the grounds at the park.  In order to restore some of the damaged turf at the Canine Corral, the facility was recently resodded (see right). 

Road crews monitor any debris that could collect along streets, as well as fertlizing, irrigating and maintaining the turf along the roadsides.   Another area handled is street light inspections.  Lights are inspected along the main corridors and downtown area.  The remaining lights are inspected on a rotating schedule done on a quarterly basis.  If an issue is discovered during the inspection, the crews notify the responsible agency or  contractor so that the repairs can be done. 

While the Town does its best to care for and protect areas within the public right-of-way, there can still be issues of flooding on private land.  Homeowners are encouraged to clear their drainage pathways of debris and make sure their storm drains are free of leaves etc as well.  In the event of flooding during the rainy season, residents can go to the Town's Maintenance Depot on Sherburne Hills Road and procure sand and sandbags to protect against rising waters. 

For more information on the Town's Winter efforts, contact Maintenance Services Manager Jed Johnson at (925) 314-3450 or